About us

Hi guys, I am Munesh Kumar From New Delhi India. I am a digital marketer and product reviewer. I have just decided to write a true review about digital & physical products after reading a lot of fake reviews on the internet. I will always try to share the true review of any digital & physical products.

It was very frustrating days sitting ideal at home during lockdown at the beginning of 2020 to 2021. At that time I have decided to start DIGITAL MARKETING because there is no other option. So on I have started to provide Email marketing services, a Lead generation system, and business promotion tools. For the email marketing services, I have launched the website Shesend.com. I have got lots of orders and still getting some more clients from all over the world.

After getting some positive results from the Email marketing I have decides to provide web hosting services.  So on started working on and created a WEB HOSTING SERVER. Now I have started selling and Reselling web hosting.


Gift for my buyers.

I have decided to give a gift to those who buy a product from my affiliate link from my reviews page. The 3 months Email marketing services with autoresponders for free. I just wanted to help them because at the beginning do have money to invest in products and funnel. So If they buy a product and my funnel will be free so they can start making money at least. I think 3 months will be enough for serious people. How to get it? Afte order writes an email at admin@nalhost.com That’s it.


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